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Handsets and Video Monitors

Elvox audio video monitors with colour or black and white screens

Elvox Audio/Video Handset - 6341 & 6351

The Elvox® 6341 and 6351 series monitors are designed to meet any requirement for video intercom systems. Surface wall mounted on a steel back-plate (supplied), all monitors feature a crystal clear, high resolution 625 lines, 3.5" B&W (6341 Series) or Colour (6351 Series) monitor, electronic tone signalling. Heavy duty coiled cord, door release, monitor activation, accessory push-buttons. brightness and contrast control. Door release indicator LED can be used to show status of entry doors provided with switch contacts. Handset with microphone, provides clear duplex conversation.

  • 3.5” 625 lines Resolution.
  • Tone Ring Signal.
  • Duplex Voice Operation.
  • Easy Surface Installation.
  • Door Status LED.
  • Tone ring volume selector with LED indication of “Off”.
  • 6341 - 3.5" Black and White monitor.
  • 6351 - 3.5" Colour monitor.
  • System : Sound System
  • Controls : Door release w/door status LED.
  • Monitor Self Activation.
  • Auxiliary Function.
  • Brightness, Contract..
  • Tone Ring Level (“off” indicator)
  • Handset : Duplex Handset with electret mic and heavy duty coiled cord.
  • Construction : Moulded High Impact Plastic (White, Anthracite or Titanium).
  • Terminations : Screw Terminal.
  • Dimensions : 204mm W x 220mm H x 74mm D.
  • Net Weight : 0.5 Kg.

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