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CCTV Deluxe (04, 09, 16, 36 or 72 Channel) Powerful Server/Client Software

Comprehensively featured and powerful CCTV server/client software.

  • Up to 72ch IP to record for DVR, IP cam & video server
  • MPEG4 / JPEG codes
  • 3GPP server / Video server / Remote AP server
  • DVR & PTZ control panel
  • System record log for motion, I/O and authority
  • Graphic icons for schedule, motion, I/O and manual record
  • Drag and drop to swap channel position
  • Manual / Auto channel and group
  • Auto switch by channel and group
  • Multi channel playback by time, event and smart search
  • Multi PTZ control protocol
  • Pre and post alarm setting
  • I/O control setup
  • Security setup for group management and authority
  • Remote monitoring available
  • E-Map and motion trigger setup (auto switch to playback mode)
  • Multi monitor output
  • Deluxe04 - 4 Channel
  • Deluxe09 - 9 Channel
  • Deluxe16 - 16 Channel
  • Deluxe36 - 32 Channel
  • Deluxe72 - 72 Channel

# DF31 : Mod 31/03/10