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Handsets and Video Monitors

7200 Series Elvox Open Voice Audio/Video 'Widescreen' Monitor

7200 SERIES Flush wall-mounting open-voice monitor with 7" 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD colour display.

The Elvox Open Voice Monitor, type 7200 is a wide screen addition to the Elvox range of Open Voice systems. The 7200 can be used as a larger alternative to the 6600 series monitor. The flush mounted 7200 has a 7" 16:9 wide screen TFT LCD colour display. The monitors are supplied as standard with a white front cover, however a range of different colours and finishes are available. The 7200 series monitor is compatible with the Elvox 'Sound System', 'Two-Wire' and 'Digi-Bus' range of systems. To gain the full benefit of the wide angle of view, the monitor should be used with cameras with aspheric lenses.

Front panel dimensions 193 x 159 x 18mm

Back panel dimensions 169 x 146 x 31mm

Flush Box recess required 189 x 160 x 52mm

  • 7" high-resolution widescreen LCD monitor, for crystal-clear digital images.
  • Wider field of vision due to the 16:9 aspect ratio, providing a clear view of visitors positioned at each side of the frame.
  • The external appearance of the monitor can be personalised with a wide range of cover finishes and colours.
  • Customers are sure to find the right solution whenever they decide to change the furniture or interior decor of the room.
  • Highly functional keyboard with LED backlighting for easy operation even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Brightness adjustment, ringtone volume and a choice of 7 different melodies.
  • Equipped with dedicated push-buttons for self-start, stair light, door lock release and reply functions.
  • Open voice system with "hands-free" function (no need to keep the reply button pressed during the call).
  • Possibility of operating up to four auxiliary functions in the 'Two-Wire' and 'Digi-Bus' versions, or intercommunicating calls in the 'Two-Wire' version, using the buttons labelled 1-2-3-4.
  • Green LED "door open" signal.
  • Privacy function which disables the ringtone. In the Two-Wire and 'Digi-bus' versions, when the ringtone is disabled a red LED will indicate up to 5 unanswered calls by emitting a series of flashes.
  • Installation requires the flush-mounted back box type 7249, made of ABS plastic. It is supplied with a cover to prevent the ingress of mortar and grout during masonry work.
  • Type 7200 7" white 'Sound System' monitor.
  • Type 7211 7" white 'Two-Wire' intercommunicating monitor.
  • Type 7214 7" white 'Digi-bus' monitor.
  • Type 7249 Back box for 7200 series monitor.
  • Type 72WH 7200 cover in white.
  • Type 72BL 7200 cover in metallic blue.
  • Type 72SV 7200 cover in metallic silver.
  • Type 72GN 7200 cover in metallic green.
  • Type 72BK 7200 cover in metallic black.
  • Type 72BZ 7200 cover in metallic bronze.
  • Type 72RD 7200 cover in metallic red.
  • Type 72GD 7200 cover in polished gold.
  • For greater widescreen image clarity, we recommend the use of the following electronic devices for the camera/ speech units: 559B/7, 12F5/7, 12F7/7, 1285 and 1286 with aspheric lens.

# DF008 : Mod 23/03/16