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Door Entry Panels

Door Entry - 1200 Series - Audio / Video Door Entry Panels - Posts

Panel rated IP44

The self-standing, floor-mounted communication post features the same materials and design as the1200 series entrance panels. The post is compatible with ELVOX digital and analogue systems and comes with individual buttons or an alphanumeric keyboard.

Excellent materials and stylish design guarantee the 1200 series a future at the forefront of the audio and video door entry system market.

  • Hardwearing embossed stainless steel design AISI 316 (V4A), 8/10 thick.
  • Both functional and digital dial versions of post available for Sound System, A.C. Call, Two-wire and Digi-bus systems.
  • Tough polycarbonate name card windows with steel cap buttons excellent backlighting.
  • Universal Audio or Audio/ Video speech grill camera window design.
  • Duplex (two way) speech - For natural communication and easy recognition of visitors.
  • High security Elvox design front plate fixings with custom security key provided.
  • 12CD – Digital dial post.
  • 12C1 to 12C8 –Functional dial 1 to 8 way post.
  • Refer to ‘pdf ‘ download for assembly of panels and system components.
  • The posts for functional and digital dial Two-Wire, DigiBus, Sound System and A.C. call systems are similar in appearance, the differences being determined by the components used.
  • The posts for Sound System or systems require the addition of a speech unit or video camera, call buttons and LEDs for lighting the push-buttons.
  • The posts for Two-Wire or DigiBus systems require the audio or video electronic unit and possibly additional pushbutton modules.

# DF006 : Mod 26/02/10