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Access Control

Access Control - AR-737HB-RAY Proximity Access Reader

The AR-737HB-RAY proximity access control reader has been designed to operate with Controller AR-727HB-RAY or Master Controller AR-716E via an RS485 link to enable cable runs of up to 1000 metres to be used between controller and reader. This reader has a high visibility/contrast yellow and black front with raised token logo to assist visually impaired people. It has a built-in LED and sounder to indicate acceptance or rejection of a token/card. The reader is available in standard form for mounting directly on a wall or similar surface with a clip-on protective cover. Although the reader is waterproof and fairly robust, it is recommended that the terminals at the rear are protected from condensation with a silicone sealant. The reader can also be provided with a vandal resistant stainless steel case for surface (VR-RAY-S complete) or flush mounting (VR-RAY-F complete). Both VR versions use a standard single way, 35mm deep, metal, electrical back box.

This reader operates in a similar way to AR-737H in that it has an output that can be used to operate a local lock relay if this is preferred to using the lock relays in the Controller or if it is working directly to a host PC.

Note: Diodes should always be fitted across the lock inputs in accordance with best practice.

  • High Visibility Front.
  • Raised Token Logo.
  • RS485 communication Interface.
  • Up to 1000metre Cable Run.
  • Waterproof.
  • Stainless steel Vandal Resistant Housing available.
  • Bi- colour LED and Sounder.
  • EM4001/EM4012 compliant tokens.
  • Power Requirement <1.5w.
  • Operating Temperature: -20-+75C.
  • Dimensions: 65x65x18.5mm with clip-on cover.
  • 60x60x18.5mm without cover.
  • Material: ABS.
  • Standard Colour: Pearl grey with yellow and black front.
  • Output for local lock relay
  • Two AR-737HB-AR readers for entry control of two doors with exit buttons for egress.
  • Two AR-737HB-RAY or one AR-737H(internal) plus one AR-737HB-RAY externally to give entry/exit control for one door with anti-passback facility.
  • Up to 16 readers connected to Master Controller AR-716E.
  • Up to 254 readers connected directly to Host PC.
  • Output for local lock relay.
  • Standard version of AR-737HB-RAY for surface mounting.
  • Flush and surface versions of vandal-resistant, stainless steel case.

# 7371 : Mod 17/03/17