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Access Control

Access Control - AR-716E Multi Door Networking Controller

Internal use -20…+75C

The AR-716E is a versatile, multi-door networking controller, able to work either as a master controller with up to 8 proximity sub-controller/readers, such as the AR-727H, connected to each of its 2 RS485 ports plus one Wiegand reader on each of its 2 Wiegand ports, or as one of 254 slave nodes connected to a PC host.

When used as a master controller with up to 16 sub-controller/readers connected to its 2 RS485 ports,customers can choose whether to operate door lock releases locally from the clean contact relay in each of the subcontroller readers, such as the AR-727H or remotely from the lock relays in the AR-716E. It should be noted that the AR-716E has only 4 lock relays as standard but this can be increased to 12 by the addition of expansion relay board AR-716IO.

Where anti-pass-back is required, each controller/reader would be located inside the secure area to control exit with one slave Wiegand reader located outside the door to control entry. The door lock release can then be controlled by the lock relay in the reader/controller. If an entry reader only (i.e. without lock relay) is connected directly to the AR-716E, then the lock release can only be operated by the relays in the AR-716E to operate a maximum of 12 doors without anti-passback. If RS485 readers only were used and anti-passback was still required, then a maximum of 9 doors could be controlled by using 16 x 485 readers (eg. AR-737H) plus 2 wiegand readers (eg.AR-737U) to give a total of 18 readers for both in and out control.

The AR-716E can also be used as one of 254 nodes connected to a PC host. This can be achieved either by using an RS485/232 converter, type AR-701CM to connect the PC to the RS485 network (see the system configuration PDF), or by inserting Ethernet interface board AR-727i into the AR-716E to turn it into version AR-716Ei. This version can communicate directly with LAN or WAN configurations. Alternatively, USB to RS485 Converter, AR-701CM-18 can be used in the same way as the RS485/232 Converter.

Safety Notice No. N2111

Please note that although the earth terminal on a 240V switch mode power supply should always be connected to the earth terminal in any metal enclosure in which is may be mounted, and thereby to a general earth connection, it is still possible to sustain a mild electric shock in the region of 95v at 170µA from the OV terminal of the power supply if it is not also connected to earth. Although this would not normally be regarded as more than uncomfortable, it could be extremely dangerous if it was sustained by an operative either working up a ladder or with a heart condition. We recommend, therefore, that unless there are good technical reasons for not doing so the OV terminal should always be connected to earth.

This is also important for technical reasons in order to ensure stability throughout any system or network utilizing this type of power supply.

  • Proximity card,token or code entry.
  • Controls up to 16 doors with anti-passback using controller/readers.
  • Controls up to 9 doors with anti-passback using readers only.
  • Standalone master controller or node of host PC.
  • Operates with LAN and WAN configurations with module AR-727i.
  • Low power consumption <2.5W.
  • Card memory 15000.
  • Event log 11000.
  • Data retained for 60 days in the event of a power failure.
  • Open all doors emergency function.
  • Working temperature -20…+70C.
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent system lock-up.
  • Robust, lockable steel case.

# 716 : Mod 17/03/17