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Auxiliary Relays

Auxiliary Relays Elvox 170 Series

Elvox 170 Series

These auxiliary relays are intended to carry out additional functions, such as switching on staircase lighting, as enhancements to a basic door entry system. They are fitted into a 4-module DIN thermoplastic case.

Input voltage 12v DC, 12-15v AC . For various types available, please see 'Options'. For connection details, please see appropriate circuit wiring diagram.

  • Compact size.
  • DIN rail or surface mounting.
  • Terminal safety covers.
  • Many applications.
  • Type 170/001- impulse relay for triggering stair lighting or other functions. One voltage free changeover output contact rated at 230v 50 hz 3 amps resistive load. There is no self- hold or timing function on this relay.
  • Type 170/002 - 2 x 170/001 in a single enclosure.
  • Type 170/101 - impulse relay for additional chime cards or other functions, power supply 12v DC or AC or "Sound System" call. One voltage free changeover output contact rated at 230v 50hz 3amps resistive load.
  • Type 170T - timed relay with impulse start and timed electronic self-hold circuit adjustable between 0 - 5 minutes, two voltage- free changeover output contacts rated at 230v 50hz 3amps resistive load.
  • Type 170/051 - Auxiliary relay for switching video signals, eg., between entrance panels.
  • Type 170/560 - Auxiliary relay with switching circuit for 1st/2nd camera and self-start circuit triggered from handset.

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