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Door Entry Panels

Door Entry Panels Type Elvox Digi Bus Series Galileo Style Entrance Panel

Elvox Digi Bus Series - Galileo Style Entrance Panel


Range of digital dial entrance panels for use with the 'Digi bus' series of equipment. Available in modular surface or flush mounted 'Galileo' range where the required modules can be selected to create a personalised entrance panel. The panels offer a wide range of standard features using the minimum number of components. The entrance panels may be used in many different configurations from simple single door audio systems to multiple door audio/video complexes.

All panel modules are available in light grey, 'sable' grey, and anthracite grey. Because the electronics in the Digibus entrance panels require a minimum of three modules per panel, the modules are supplied in groups of three already interconnected. A fourth module may be added, if required, to a row or column of three interconnected modules.

Additional columns or rows of auxiliary modules can be assembled into the panel by using the appropriate module holders and frames as follows.

The modules are first mounted in a module holder frame. These frames, 8D81, 8D82

8D83 and 8D84 are for one, two, three or four modules mounted vertically.

> Note: for three modules mounted side by side, it would be necessary to us three frames type 8D81.

The module holder frames complete with modules are then mounted either in a bezel without rain hood (91 series) or a frame with a rain hood (92 series).

These bezels are designed to hold one, two or three or four single modules arranged horizontally (9111, 9121, 9131 or 9141); one, two, three or four rows, each with two modules, mounted side by side (9112, 9122, 9132 or 9142) or one, two three or four rows, each with three modules mounted side by side (9113, 9123, 9133 or 9143) and finally, one, two three or four rows, each with four modules mounted side by side (9114, 9124, 9134 or 9144). The frames with rain hood use similar numbers but using 92 as the first two digits instead of 91.

A full range of surface or flush back boxes is available for these units (see data).

Also available are standard surface mounted aluminium panels with a painted finish, decorative flush mounted brass effect 'Patavium' style panels and 'Vandal Resistant' surface or flush mounted range for tough environments. For the latter versions please refer to the relevant data.

  • Available in audio and audio/video versions with Alphanumeric, Numeric or Functional Dial - Options to suit most types of buildings.
  • Video systems offer ‘Video moving’ feature as standard - Allowing pan of camera to frame caller, regardless of height.
  • Multiple entrance panels switching for complexes with secondary entrance capability - Ideal for internal blocks, stairwells or landings.
  • Security access levels to programmable features for installer and caretaker - Provides customisation to individual requirements.
  • Matching Name cards or electronic alphanumeric search - Quick identification of residents on any panel.
  • Up to twenty access control codes with ‘secret’ feature - Preventing access code being visible during entry.
  • Resident may be assigned any call number from 1 to 9999 - Allowing call of non-sequential resident numbers.
  • Automated block ID prefix for residents - differentiates between residents with similar call numbers but in different blocks.
  • >> Entrance Panel Options:-
  • Modular panels use a quick fit system to create a custom panel - Flexible options - quick assembly.
  • Panels have extruded aluminium construction with various painted finishes - Panels can match the surrounding décor.
  • Flexible panel layout with flush panel only 100mm wide - Modules can be assembled to suit installation space.
  • Large anodised aluminium push buttons - Easy operation for the young or elderly and minimises damage from vandalism.
  • Video versions have specially treated shatter resistant window - Scratch resistant and anti-reflection extends window life.
  • Matching Name cards or electronic alphanumeric search - Quick identification of residents on any panel.
  • Illuminated buttons, name card window, electronic display - Clear identification of resident, especially at night.
  • Tough flame resistant name card window - Durable construction resists damage and vandalism in normal use.
  • Protected speech grills - Prevents damage of internal components from weather or foreign objects.
  • Duplex (two way) speech with privacy of conversation as standard - For natural communication and easy recognition of visitors.
  • Front plate security fixings, video panels may also have additional key lock - Protects internal components from theft and unauthorised name card changes (tool/key provided).
  • > ‘Digi bus’ base modules (three modules interconnected).
  • >> Digital Dial:
  • 8946 - Audio/Video module (B/W camera) + Digital Dial module with illuminated message window + Name Card module (13 names).
  • 8942 - Audio module + Digital Dial module with illuminated message window + Name Card module (13 names).
  • >> Additional modules for 8946 and 8942:
  • 8A1N - Name Card module (13 names).
  • 8000 - Blank module.
  • >> Functional Dial:
  • 8945 - Audio/Video module (B/W camera) + Button module (single row of 3 Call Buttons with large name windows) + Button module (single row of 4 Call Buttons with large name windows).
  • > Note: If fewer than 7 call buttons are required, then the number 8945 should be given a suffix stating the number of buttons required, eg. If only 2 buttons are required , the number would be 8945 - 2.

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