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Hardware and Accessories

Hardware and accessories Door Control

Door Control

Various devices are available see Features and Benefits for summary

  • Interface Relays - Relays with volt free change over contact for operating ancillary products in a security system.
  • Model 170/001 - In plastic case for DIN rail or direct fixing. 115x70x50mm.Weight 0.2 Kg. Coil input - 12V ac/dc nominal <100 mA Contact rating - 240V ac 3A
  • Model PC5006/1 - PCB mounted relay 54x25x25mm Coil input - 12V ac/dc nominal <85 mA. Contact rating - 24V dc 1A/100V ac 0.5A
  • Exit Button - Model 100374 Permits exit from within the secure area. Plastic Surface housing 86x86x35mm, may be flush mounted on standard single gang accessory box. Actuator button (48x74mm) engraved “Press to EXIT". Weight 0.2 Kg. Voltage-free Contact rating - 240V ac 10A maximum
  • Exit Button - Model VSE1 Permits exit from within the secure area. Heavy duty stainless steel unit for surface mounting, 85x85x35mm. Pushbutton diameter 15mm. Fascia engraved “PUSH TO EXIT". Weight 0.4 Kg. Normally Open Contact, rating - 50V 1A Maximum. Flush mounting version available Model VFE1.
  • >> Junction Boxes:-
  • Model JB720 - White plastic 10 way. 64x64x18mm.Weight <0.1Kg
  • Model JB730 - White plastic 24 way. 128x103x54mm.Weight <0.1Kg.
  • >> Accessories:-
  • Break Glass Unit - Model BG1 Pushing plastic window forward actuates a contact to break lock supplies in emergency situation. Resettable with key provided. White plastic surface housing 85x85x47mm may be flush mounted on a standard single gang accessory box. Weight 0.2Kg.Voltage-free changeover contact ratings - 50V ac 15A resistive 10A inductive 30V dc 8A resistive 4A inductive
  • >> Door Equipment:-
  • Model 404/U - Automatic door closer with silver anodised body/black arms. For right or left hand hinged doors. Door weight 80Kg. Door width 1030mm. Unit weight 2.8 Kg.
  • Model 8810 - Concealed armoured cable transfer unit to ensure unbroken transfer of electrical wiring between door frame and door. Chromium finish. Weight 0.3 Kg. Dimensions: Fixing plate 291x25mm. Flush cut out 277x25x16mm. Max. cable diameter 6mm.
  • Model DLA704 - Door Loop comprising 12" of 4 core cable terminated at each end with white junction boxes. Dimension each Junction box: 92x23x18mm.
  • Model 8569 - White plastic flush door contact. Reed switch 5 terminals 20mm diameter, 13mm deep.
  • Model 8624 - White plastic surface mounted door/window contact. Reed switch 5 terminals 65x14x14mm.
  • Model MA2 - Door monitor alarm with integral loud sounder. Supply voltage 240V ac/12V dc. Instant alarm or adjustable time
  • (1-60 seconds) with key operated or auto reset facility. To be operated from a reed door contact. Dimensions as per 1M see
  • page 7.Weight 0.9 Kg.
  • Time Clock - Model TUR230V Electro-mechanical 24 hour timeclock. Setting via switching keys and rotating drum. Voltage-free changeover contact rating 250V ac 16A resistive or 250V ac 2.5A inductive. Supply voltage 230V ac nominal Dimensions:- 138 x 50 x 65 mm.
  • Batteries - Model NP2.8-12 and NP6-12 Lead acid battery with push-on spade connectors. Model NP2.8-12 - 2.8 Amp/Hour capacity.
  • Dimensions: 60x133x67mm.Weight: 1.5Kg.
  • Model NP6-12 - 6 Amp/Hour capacity. Dimensions: 94x150x67mm.Weight: 2.5 Kg.

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