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Access Control

Access Control PAC 2200 Series

PAC 2200 Series

The PAC 2200 series is a direct replacement for the PAC 2100, PAC 1100 and PAC 1300 series of door controllers.

Although the door controllers can operate in standalone mode, they are designed to be part of a larger system administered by PAC for Windows. To gain access to many of the new features, the controller has to be administered by PAC for Windows. The PAC 2200 series is much more efficient than its predecessor, having much improved speed of operation across a wide range of functions.

Two readers per channel

The new PAC 2200 series of door controllers can have two PAC readers per channel (lock output). The controller can sense the direction the person is travelling by reporting which reader was activated.

Wiegand readers - direct connection

The new PAC 2200 series of door controllers allow for one wiegand reader to be plugged straight into each door channel on the controller.

Global Anti-Pass back

Global Anti-Pass back is available on PAC 2200 cluster sites administered by PAC for Windows V6.0. It is not available on standalone systems and will not work within a CNC’s six-wire bus. PAC offers a true version of anti-pass back, which is embedded in the door controller and does not require a PC to be active.

Front programming panel

The master door controller in a system must have a front programming panel, as should a stand-alone controller. Slave controllers in a system do not require front panels. However, a hand-held programming panel (which must be ordered separately) is needed whenever a slave controller is being installed. Please note that there is a choice of front programming panels dependent on the reader technology being used.

PAC 2204 Alarm Controller

The PAC 2204 Alarm Controller can be used with a network of 2200 door controllers. It allows for more alarm inputs on a system without the additional cost of buying a full door controller. It is housed in a metal case (10275) with two Alarm Event Managers (AEMs) pre-wired to the controller and it can support two additional AEMs.

Alarm Relays

The PAC 2200 Series of door controllers have eight on-board relays, of which four are programmable. These can be linked to time profiles or system events to control lighting, operate video cameras or sound an alarm.

  • Two PAC readers per door channel built-in.
  • Embedded global anti-passback.
  • Wiegand readers connect directly.
  • Five year guarantee against electronic failure.
  • >> Controllers:-
  • 21290 - PAC 2284 Door controller
  • 21284 - PAC 2244 Door controller (case not included)
  • 21288 - PAC 2224 Door Controller (case not included)
  • 21287 - PAC 2222 Door Controller (case not included)
  • 21283 - PAC 2204 Alarm Controller
  • >> Front Programming Panels:-
  • 21397 - KeyPAC Proximity
  • 21158 - PAC Proximity
  • 20500 - PAC Magnetic Stripe
  • >> Metal Cases:-
  • 10260 - Metal Case with cut-out
  • 10275 - Metal Case with no cut-out

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