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Access Control

Remote managed proximity Easikey Manager controller and software PAC Manager Series

PAC Manager Series

Easikey Manager is an easy to use software package which links Easikey 1000-N controllers installed in multiple occupancy buildings to a central administration point allowing the administration of keys from a central location.

A new version of PAC’s Easikey 1000 controller called the Easikey 1000-N (N for Network) is required for each two doors that are to be controlled. Each controller is linked by a modem to the telephone network. A dedicated PC and modem running Easikey Manager is installed at a central location. The software has a copy of each database in every Easikey 1000-N installed. Changes can be made to the copy of the database at the PC. Once that has been done the database is sent to the Easikey 1000-N either by force dialling the controller or on scheduled dial up.

Easikey Manager has been specifically designed so people with little or no formal computer training can use the software. The software is based round a series of simple screens detailing blocks, flats and residents and comes with an interactive tutorial.

Other features of the software include a powerful reporting package, which offers automated reports such as unused token reports. This is a valuable report as it could show that a resident may be incapacitated in some way or that the occupant of a flat has left never to return.

  • Easy upgrade path.
  • Remote key administration.
  • Support for unlimited blocks.
  • Up to 1000 residents per block.
  • Up to 10 keys per flat.
  • Unused key reporting.
  • Printed reports.
  • Up to 100 Maintenance staff.
  • >> Equipment required:-
  • Easikey Manager Software - Available on CD with full documentation and includes an office administration reader.
  • PC - PC running Windows® 95/98/NT with monitor, internal modem, keyboard and CD drive.
  • Modem - One Modem for every site.
  • Telephone Line - One installed for every modem.
  • Easikey 1000-N Controller - Each Easikey 1000-N controller can control up to two doors.

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