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Access Control

Access Control Digitac PSU/Controller 1M

Digitac PSU/Controller 1M

The Digitac access psu/controller contains the power supply and electronic circuitry for an access control system which is operated from a ten digit entry keypad mounted outside the protected area. The control unit is mounted in a secure area. The common four digit code held in the memory of the system can be changed easily and as often as required by authorised personnel. This plus the fact that the code is neither accessible nor visible provides a relatively high level of security on a simple system. The memory is protected by a key operated switch on the main control unit. The four digit code can be changed by inserting the key and turning it to the programming position. Any four digit code entered on the keypad whilst the key is in this position will replace the previous code. The new code is confirmed in the system simply by returning the key to the 'ON'

position and removing the key.

The system incorporates a number of other security features:

Multiple Key Detection - Simultaneously pressing two or more keys invalidates the entry.

Automatic Address - Limits code entry time by starting a timer after the first digit is keyed.

Automatic Penalty Time - Makes code breaking by trial and error more difficult. The control unit ignores, for 4 seconds, all codes following an invalid entry.

Adjustable Lock Activated Time - Variable lock-operation of from 1 to 15 seconds approximately.

Exit Button - Operation of lock from secure area by pushbutton.

Rechargeable Memory Supply - A rechargeable cell protects the four digit code MEMORY in the event of a power failure.

Keyboard Audio Cursor - An audible bleep is given on correctly keying a digit. This facility can be disconnected if not required.


Supply Voltage - 220/240V 50Hz. Other voltages Consumption or D.C. to order Lock 24VA

Lock Output 12V D.C. 0.75A continuous Control Unit 1VA

24V D.C. 0.50A continuous

Dimensions 135mm wide x 12V A.C 1.00A continuous 80mmx170mm high.

Lock Operated Time Period Adjustable between 1 and 15 seconds

  • Compact design.
  • Easily installed.
  • Simple user operation and programming.
  • 10,000 possible access codes.
  • Keyboards for all applications.
  • Optional battery standby power supply.
  • Standby Power Supply (DBU) - available for 12v d.c. controller 1M12 only.

# 36 : Mod 17/03/17