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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our data sheets at the time of publication, we reserve the right to supply equipment in line with current design specifications and recommend that critical parameters are checked at the order stage.


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Power Supplies and Controllers

Controller and Power Supply for Community Housing Series EMM

Power Supplies/Controllers - EMM Series Controller/Power Supply

The circuitry for various parts of the system is provided on easily replaceable circuit boards as follows:

Master Card - All main switching and control functions and audio amplifiers.

Phone Card - 4 phone circuits per card.

Entrance Card - Control functions for1 entrance panel per card.

Power Supply - Fused Spur, transformer and circuit board. (see options).

Time clock - 24 hour time clock if trades access required.

Safety Notice No. N2111

Please note that although the earth terminal on a 240V switch mode power supply should always be connected to the earth terminal in any metal enclosure in which is may be mounted, and thereby to a general earth connection, it is still possible to sustain a mild electric shock in the region of 95v at 170µA from the OV terminal of the power supply if it is not also connected to earth. Although this would not normally be regarded as more than uncomfortable, it could be extremely dangerous if it was sustained by an operative either working up a ladder or with a heart condition. We recommend, therefore, that unless there are good technical reasons for not doing so the OV terminal should always be connected to earth.

This is also important for technical reasons in order to ensure stability throughout any system or network utilizing this type of power supply.

  • Easy removal and replacement of individual cards.
  • Power Supply - 12V 1.5 A Standard (12V 6A on request).

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