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Power Supplies and Controllers

Isolated ISO-K controller for low rise Community Housing Series EKM

Power Supplies/Controllers - EKM Series

All of the electronic control circuitry for up to 2 entrance panels and 12 separate phone circuits is mounted on one main control board fitted into the main control cabinet. The individual phone circuits are all fully isolated so that damage or short circuits on one phone circuit will not affect the operation of the remaining handsets. A defective circuit automatically resets itself as soon as the fault has been cleared. Fuse protection is provided for the mains supply, lock output supply and main circuit outputs. A further 12 phone circuits can be added by fitting a second control board over the main board in the main control cabinet. Up to 2 handsets can be connected to each phone circuit.

The original power supply for the ISO-K system for Community Housing was supplied as part of the main control board. In addition to supplying stabilised power to the electronic circuitry of the system, it also provided a 1amp supply to operate the electrical door releases for the external doors of the low rise building into which the system was fitted.

When the system was re-engineered in 2000, it was decided to retain the original board size and fixings so that the new main control board could be used as a direct replacement in older systems complete with the original power supply. For new systems, the demand for a higher power lock release supply meant that a new power supply with a 3amp lock output was fitted as a separate unit in the control cabinet. The power supply section on the main control board was then left unpopulated. Subsequently, a 5amp lock output option has also been added to the range.

A Trades or Service access button can be enabled at fixed times by the use of a built-in 7-day time clock with the option of automatic summer/winter time changeover.

Safety Notice No. N2111

Please note that although the earth terminal on a 240V switch mode power supply should always be connected to the earth terminal in any metal enclosure in which is may be mounted, and thereby to a general earth connection, it is still possible to sustain a mild electric shock in the region of 95v at 170µA from the OV terminal of the power supply if it is not also connected to earth. Although this would not normally be regarded as more than uncomfortable, it could be extremely dangerous if it was sustained by an operative either working up a ladder or with a heart condition. We recommend, therefore, that unless there are good technical reasons for not doing so the OV terminal should always be connected to earth.

This is also important for technical reasons in order to ensure stability throughout any system or network utilizing this type of power supply.

  • Functional dial system.
  • Two entrance panels, twenty four phone circuits.
  • Full electronic isolation for phone circuits.
  • Up to two handsets per phone circuit.
  • Privacy of conversation on speech lines.
  • Timed Nuisance privacy option.
  • Trades/Service button facility.
  • Fused circuit protection.
  • Robust power supply.
  • Several lock output options.
  • Regulated lock output supply for 3 and 5 amp options.
  • 1. Stabilised system power supply with unregulated 12v dc 1 amp lock output, mounted on the main control board.
  • 2. Stabilised system power supply with regulated 12v dc 3 amp lock output, supplied as a separate unit within the main control cabinet.
  • 3. Stabilised system power supply with regulated 12v dc 5 amp lock output, supplied as a separate unit within the main control cabinet.
  • 4. Timed Nuisance Privacy option with appropriate handset.

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