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Handsets and Video Monitors

Handset and Video Monitor Elvox Open Voice Audio Video Monitor 6600

Elvox Open Voice Audio/Video Monitor 6600

The Elvox Open Voice Monitor, type 6600 is a compact addition to the Elvox range of Open Voice systems. The 6600 can be used as a larger alternative to the Raytel 7500E 'Elite' monitor. The 6600 has a 4" LCD colour display with a tilt facility to enable the best viewing angle to be set. As with all Elvox Open Voice equipment, the 6600 has auto-switching of the audio to give simulated duplex. When a resident receives a call from the entrance panel, the talk button should be pressed and released to open the audio line which switches automatically thereafter to enable a normal telephone type of conversation to take place without any need to 'push to talk' each time. The 6600 also has a lock release button, two auxiliary buttons, brightness and audio volume controls, a green 'door open' led and a red 'Privacy' led.

The 6600 operates with a power supply type 6680 and the Galileo style entrance panel type 8100.

It is available in White, Anthracite Grey and Titanium Grey (audio only version also available). It requires a 4+4 DIN module back-box, type 6149. The side front covers of the monitor are detachable to give access to the fixing screws.

Front panel dimensions - 141x139x10mm.

Dimensions behind front panel - 120x120x45mm.

  • Compact, low profile monitor.
  • 4" LCD colour display (PAL625 lines, 50 frames).
  • Simulated duplex audio.
  • Tilting screen for best viewing angle.
  • Choice of three colours.

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