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Handsets and Video Monitors

Handset and Video Monitor Elvox Video Monitor Petrarca 6000 6200 Series

Elvox Video Monitor - Petrarca - 6000/6200 Series

This monitor will replace the Galileo video monitor. Both types are currently available. As with 'Galileo', the 'Petrarca' Video Monitors are wall mounted video monitor modules either for coaxial or coaxial free installations.

For systems without coaxial cable, they utilise a device which converts the video signal without coaxial cable into a standard video signal for 75 Ohm coaxial cable. The 'Petrarca' styling and design, allows for quick, compact installation with the 6200 or 74 series of handsets to provide various functions for all 'Sound System' electronic call door entry systems, see relevant data on 6200 or 74 series. Available in white, titanium or anthracite, with 4" monochrome or colour screen. Monochrome version with 'Memo-vision' image storage system also available (16 images). On request, image download to printer facility available.

Monitor Only Dimensions:135 x 226 x 45mm.

Handset Dimensions: see specific handset details

Depending on system configuration, monitor may require recessed mounting box (Type 7149). Please telephone one of our sales offices for details:-

Southern Office: 01268 749310

Northern Office: 0141 332 4232

  • Elegant design.
  • Can be combined with Petrarca handsets 6200 or open voice 7400 series.
  • Choice of colours.
  • Desk top conversion kits available.
  • 6000 - 4" B/W screen for 75 Ohm coaxial cable or twin - wire without coax. with 2x75 Ohm resistors.
  • 6001 - 4" B/W screen plus Memovision.
  • 6002 - 4" B/W screen for Digit2Video systems.
  • 6003 - 4" Colour screen.

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