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Power Supplies and Controllers

Elvox Video Power Supply Unit PSU Series 65 66

Power Supplies - Elvox Video PSU - 65/66 Series

Power Supply for Video Systems in a 12-module DIN thermoplastic case Provided with terminal covers and removable terminal blocks; Input voltage 230v 50hz with a maximum absorbed power of 60VA. Short-circuit and thermal protection via PTC circuitry.

Dimensions: 208 x 135 x 72 mm.

  • Combined Control Functions in PSU.
  • 'Sound System' call tone.
  • 12-module DIN thermoplastic case.
  • Short circuit and thermal protection.
  • Terminal covers.
  • Easy installation.
  • Type 6568 - For Video door entry systems not using co-axial cable (use with Switching Module 6596 and harness 2/668).
  • Type 6680 - For standard Video door entry systems.
  • Type 6680/V03 - For Video door entry systems for building complexes.
  • Type 6681 - For Video systems using Open Voice monitors 5651 or 5652.
  • Type 6583 - Additional PSU for Video door entry systems. To be used on long lines with excessive voltage drop or where several monitors must be energised simultaneously.
  • Type 6584 - For Video door entry systems in building complexes for connection of the Main Entrance Panel.

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