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Power Supplies and Controllers

Elvox PSU General Purpose Power Supply Series 83

Power Supplies - Elvox General Purpose PSU - 83 Series

A range of power supplies/controllers built into either 4, 8 or 12 module-DIN, grey thermoplastic cases for mounting either directly onto a back plate or for quick fixing onto a DIN rail. Suitable for systems with AC call.230V 50Hz i/p.

> Note: Elvox power supplies are the heart of their door entry systems, often combining other control functions such as amplification with their function as a power supply.

  • Combined Control Functions in PSU.
  • Standard 4, 8, 12 module DIN thermoplastic cases for easy installation.
  • Fully enclosed PSU with insulated, plastic terminal covers.
  • >> Dimensions:
  • 4-Din module - 70 x 90 x 65 mm.
  • 8-Din module - 140 x 115 x 65 mm.
  • 12-Din module - 208 x 135 x 90 mm.
  • Type 831 PSU/Controller - standard 5-wire door entry 15V 20Va o/p(UK30Va). No Privacy of Conversation (see 881), external volume control. 8-DIN case.
  • > NOTE: May be replaced by Type 931 for applications where not more than 2 handsets need be called within an apartment at the same time - the 831 can operate 3 handsets simultaneously.
  • Type 832 PSU - General purpose + Audio DE kits 13.5V 20Va o/p,
  • protection against short-circuits and overheating through PTC circuitry. 4DIN case.
  • Type 832/024PSU - For thermostatically - controlled heaters inside enclosures. I/P voltage 230V 50Hz, O/P voltage 24Vdc at 30Va. Short-circuit and thermal protection via PTC circuitry. 4DIN case.
  • Type 832/030 PSU - General purpose + Video DE kits 15V 30Va o/p protection against short-circuits and overheating through PTC
  • circuitry. 4DIN case.
  • Type 832/A PSU - Digit 2 wire Audio system 18V 30Va o/p protection against short-circuits and overheating through PTC circuitry. 4DIN case.
  • Type 834 PSU/Controller - used for D/E systems in building complexes. 15v 30VA low voltage output. Equipped with a circuit for switching between Main Entrance panel or switchboard and secondary panel. To be used in conjunction with one or more terminal blocks, type 2/834. Each terminal block has 20 diodes (one per user), therefore one terminal block is required for every 20 users.
  • Terminal block dimensions - 70 x 115 x 50 mm.
  • Type 836 PSU/Controller - used to power intercom systems and switchboards 142, 152 and 162. 15V 30Va o/p + 10.5v DC stabilised o/p, overload protection. 8-DIN case.
  • Type837/OCT PSU/Controller - 1+1-wire (1 common wire + 1wire per handset - see also PSU 6837) Door Entry with option of connecting Battery Backup systems. 12-DIN case.
  • Type 838 PSU/Controller - Audio DE + Intercom. Automatic switching to DE when a call is received. 15V 30Va o/p. External volume adjustment. 8-DIN case.
  • Type 881 PSU/Controller - Standard 5-wire Audio Door Entry, 15V 20Va (UK 30Va) Privacy of Conversation with appropriate handset, External volume control. 8-DIN case.

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