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Access Control

Access control Digitac PSU/Controller MP1

Digitac PSU/Controller MP1

The Digitac access psu/controller contains the power supply and electronic circuitry for an access control system which is operated from a ten digit entry keypad mounted outside the protected area. The control unit is mounted in a secure area. The ten codes held in the memory of the system have different first digits to denote the different levels of security and can be changed easily and as often as required by authorised personnel. Each code can have from four to seven digits. This plus the fact that the code is neither accessible nor visible provides a relatively high level of security on a simple system. The memory is protected by a key operated switch on the main control unit. The code can be changed by inserting the key and turning it to the programming position. Any or all of the existing ten codes can be changed by following the procedure in the instruction manual. The new codes are confirmed in the system simply by returning the key to the 'ON' position and removing the key.

The system incorporates a number of other security features:-


Safeguards against unauthorised/incorrect use of keypad.

Multiple Key Detection - Simultaneous key depressions register as invalid code entry.

Code Entry Timer - Greater than 4 seconds delay between successive key depressions registers as invalid.

Invalid Code Penalty - An invalid code entry prevents a further attempt for 8 seconds. The last 4 seconds will sound a continuous error tone which hinders code breaking by trial and error.

Error Count Alarm - Successive invalid entry attempts will result in system alarm initiation. The number of permissible attempts is programmable between 1 and 7. The system is resettable via the programme keyswitch.


Lock Release

The lock release should be activated for the minimum practicable time. The release duration may be timed for between 2 and 30 seconds by adjusting a slider switch.

Duress Alarm

An authorised user may be obliged, under duress from an intruder, to open the secure door. The user may enter a special code which will open the door and simultaneously activate an alarm contact. The special code is pre-programmed via a slider switch and the alarm circuit is connected to pcb terminals.

Door Monitor Alarm

If the secure door remains open beyond a set time period then an alarm contact can operate. To achieve this a normally closed contact on the door is connected to pcb terminals after removing the link. The time period from 4 to 60 seconds is set by a slider switch.

Error Count Alarm

The error count is set by a slider switch and operates when the preset number of 'Invalid Code Penalties' have been exceeded. The alarm circuit is connected to pcb terminals.

Time Zone Control

An optional time switch connected to pcb terminals will inhibit the entry of all codes above four digits between selected time periods.

Exit Button

An exit button may be connected to pcb terminals to facilitate lock release from within the secure area. This option may be wired for instantaneous or timed operation.


Mains supply : 220/240V 50Hz, 40VA max. or 12V dc, 1.5W + Lock

Lock Outputs : 12V ac 1A, 12V dc 0.75A inductive, 24V dc 0.5A inductive, Volt free 24V dc 5A Resistive.

Alarm Contacts : Volt free change-over 12V ac or dc 2A resistive, 24V ac or dc 1A Resistive.

Fuses : Mains input 2A, Lock Outputs 1A anti-surge.

Code Memory : Protected from supply interruption for up to 30 days by internal rechargeable cell.

Temperature Range : 0C to + 40C.

  • Configured as a single door controller.
  • Extra high level of security and total reliability.
  • Simple to install, programme and operate.
  • Access code neither visible not accessible.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Suitable for one or more keypads.
  • None

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